Asheville Recording Studio

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We offer great prices and top quality services including 32 track digital recording, multi-track mixing, mastering, editing, and finalizing to make your music sound as good as you know it can without the high price. Asheville Recording provides many services to the working class musician, we can even do your cover art and disc layout. If you are a musician near Asheville, North Carolina that needs recording services that don't cost a fortune, give us a call.

If you live anywhere else in the U.S. and need editing, mixing, mastering, etc., we can help there too. Asheville Recording Studios offer professional music recording and mixing at prices that simply won't be beat anywhere else, with recording quality that takes your project to the next level.

We have 12 years experience in the field of audio engineering and music mixing. Asheville Recording is an Alesis Adat based recording studio that uses nothing but the best in outboard analog and digital music recording gear. We use top of the line analog and digital music gear including T.C. Electronics, T.L. Audio, HHB, Focusrite, Lexicon, Alesis, Dbx, Tascam, Digitech, Neumann, AKG, Cad and many others. We also have Soldano, Mesa Boogie and vintage Marshall guitar amplification available for you to use. Our approach to recording isn't to utilize all of the latest and greatest gear though.

Adding more gear that isn't needed will just allow more noise and degrade signal quality. We maintain clean signal paths using only top quality equipment for what is needed. This produces cleaner, warmer music with more clarity and punch to make your music stand out. We follow the same principles when mastering.

Let Asheville Recording Studios be your connection in western North Carolina for pro quality multi-track music recording, and pro audio mixing and mastering. Our pricing is very reasonable and we treat your recording projects like our own. Send us an e-mail or call today for a free consultation about making your music sound as good as you know it should.